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February 23rd, 2009

This is my second WOE movie and I think it turned out pretty well. Teresa and Drew did an awesome job of acting, especially when it came to keeping in the same positions between takes. I shot this with one camera, so all those different angles you see are different takes. I was surprised how seamlessly I was able to edit most of the footage together.

I got to use my new used Lowel lighting kit for the first time.. think lighting turned out pretty well, though if I were to do it again I think I would try to get less ambient light in the room and use light from the giant TV that was offscreen to help light from the front. Jacob also did great job on sound with the new boom pole.

You should check out Drew’s other work in the Free Box.. it’s a weekly sitcom-style comedy series that is really funny. And it looks like Teresa stars in the pilot for the series Campus Daze.



Kelly: Teresa Decher

Dan: Drew Hicks

Boom Operator: Jacob Campbell

Sound Effects:

Special Thanks:
Brian Mattis, Matt Cook and Jessica Hinman for use of the apartment.

Gold Coyote Super Short Film and Video Competition selection

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