WOE v2.0

December 26th, 2012

*Yaaaaaaawn* Well, that’s been a nice hibernation. So what’s going on in 2010? Wait, it’s almost 2013 you say? Oh jeez, I guess I should have set my alarm. Here’s the deal: making movies and animations is hard. I love doing it and hope to do more in the future, but I just haven’t been […]

RSS Feed

July 8th, 2008

My primary RSS feed is working! Use the Entries link under RSS at left to subscribe. I’m using Feedburner so that I can track feed statistics. I don’t know much about the service but it seems like there might be some other useful features in there besides stats… we’ll see.

Introducing whiteofeye.com!

June 21st, 2008

So here it is, whiteofeye.com version 1.0! I have plenty of upgrades and tweaks I want to do, but what I have up now will serve just fine as a starting point. I’ll integrate the improvements as I go. The purpose of the site is to showcase my video/animation pieces, so my focus in the […]