Portland International Film Festival

February 8th, 2009

You may have noticed that we are in the midst of the Portland International Film Festival. Unfortunately I had to miss the showing that I most wanted to see, the collection of local shorts.. apparently the schedulers did not contact my soccer team to ensure I wasn’t going to be on the turf during the showing. Oh well, maybe next year I’ll have more sway.

I’ll definitely try to catch the other batches of shorts next couple weekends. Also hope to see some of the Oscar submissions from other countries for best foreign film.

Unrelated to PIFF, I’m also excited about seeing Coraline. I got to tour the set in Hillsboro while the movie was still in production and I saw all these awesome sets and mostly-finished characters. It was a really impressive operation. I tried to see a showing tonight at Lloyd Center Regal but it was sold out. I hope it does well and encourages Laika to expand operations here. And I hope that the 3D is cooler than that segment of 3D in Freddy’s Dead.

As far as WOE stuff goes, I’m editing a short movie called “The List” that I shot a few weeks back. I hope to have that done within the next couple weeks. It’s another short comedy. My friend Jacob, who hadn’t read the script, was stifling laughs while holding the boom, so hopefully that’s an indication that it’ll be as funny as I envision it being. We’ll find out soon.

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