The Haps

July 23rd, 2009

It seems that my WOE blog is pretty influential.. or so some seem to think. I was recently contacted by a couple of people I have never met about helping them promote upcoming showings of their projects through this site. One of them was for an indie film called “Ink” that’ll be showing at the Hollywood Theater over the next week.

The other was for a film called “Bumps” that was shot by local director Bob Moricz. The story is based on the Gloucester High School teen pregnancy controversy. He uses local actors and allows them to script their own dialogue, aiming for an intimate and personal documentary feel. Sound interesting? Check it out at the Clinton Street Theater Thursday, July 30th, 9pm. One night only.

I was also approached by a robot who was promoting a local film. Well, not a real robot, but a guy in a very convincing robot outfit. He was plugging the movie “Archives of the Fantastic” playing at the Bagdad Theater this Saturday at 2pm. I was on hand at the Someday Lounge Incubator where they showed a trailer and it looks fun!

In Other News…

Have I really not posted a movie since February? Well, that’ll change soon. I just finished a rough draft of a little piece called “Futureman Goes to the 80s.” At the moment it is seven minutes long and I want it to be more like five, so I’ve got some cutting to do. Hope to be done soon.. Northwest Film Festival deadline is August 1!

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