Futureman Goes to the 80s

August 5th, 2009

For this short comedy I borrowed another actor from the Free Box, Jeremy Benjamin, and a couple of my friends from the Forgery theater group, Sarah Dyrhaug and Paul Susi. They did a great job with the script and I made them do way too many takes, so I give them a big thanks for persevering. Also a big thank you to Brent Norton for the Nintendo footage.

I used an Elliott Smith song in the movie.. I think this is fair use copyright-wise under the category of commentary. Unlike the characters in my movie, I actually like Elliott’s music, btw.


Futureman: Jeremy Benjamin

Lisa: Sarah Dyrhaug

Michael: Paul Susi

Boom Operator: Jacob Campbell

“momma pirahna” by Brian Lindsay
Half Right” by Elliott Smith

Sound Effects:
rm2k3 punch by MoKkAn
spriteexplode by Mark Buckland
Rollover or button sound AOS02199 by SFX Source
Sci Fi Time Warp Accent Whirl Appear Ring by Airborne Sound

Special Thanks:
Thanks to Brent Norton at MBX Films for the NES Pro Wrestling footage. Also thanks to Larry for letting me borrow the NES and controllers. Futureman’s spiffy costume was provided by Helens Pacific Costumers.

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3 Responses to “Futureman Goes to the 80s”

  1. Zach says:

    that elliot smith song worked perfect! good call.

  2. hey there. says:

    Great script, and acting. You should get a refresher on framing and lighting and these videos would improve by a thousand percent. Helpful hints: profiles are not fun to look at, neither is the empty space behind someone’s back and try adjusting the iris, shutter speed and gain on your cam until you get a nice bright image, it looks like you had lights, yet image was still dark. Not trying to rip you apart, just some friendly advice.

  3. Gage says:

    Thanks for the feedback, definitely appreciated! Clearly there are plenty of improvements I can make in my filmmaking and I really appreciate the constructive criticism.

    The poor image quality was caused by a technical oversight on my part. The gain setting on my camera was locked super high, so although it looked okay in the little viewfinder, the footage ended up dark and grainy. I usually leave the gain at zero and just totally forgot to check it before starting. Oh well, lesson learned.

    Hope to hear more from you in future releases, Mr/Mrs/Ms hey there.

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